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Authentic Adventures

$2500 - $2900

Engage in an authentic experience with the local community’s way of life maximizing social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Enjoy the country experiencing waterfalls, hiking, lakes, rivers, dirt bikes, skate parks, crocodiles, canopy walks, safaris, and more.


Greenwood to Ghana

$2350 - $2885

Connecting the historic African American community of Greenwood in Tulsa (also known as “Little Africa”) to the Motherland and beyond.

We welcome you to learn about the amazing Ghanaian people and culture with curated excursions on a journey of a lifetime honoring the ancestors that came before you. Come home to Ghana. You are invited!


Curated & Customized

Starting at $2499

Let us help you plan an amazing private experience as we extend the highest level of Ghanaian hospitality for any celebration -- birthdays, anniversaries, school groups, service projects, retreats and much more.

"My experience traveling to, and through, Ghana with Eye Adom Travel was exceptional. When people ask me if I enjoyed the trip, I tell them it was revelatory and transformative. Eye Adom Travel offers immersive excursions that are firmly grounded in authentic Ghanaian history and culture. I came back with a newfound understanding of what our ancestors endured and a newfound appreciation for my extended family on The Continent. I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was before the trip, and I can't thank the Eye Adom team enough for making it possible." Glenn North, Director of Inclusive Learning & Creative Impact, Kansas City Museum

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